Dallas Hall The Laboratory for Research In Experimental Economics (LREE) at SMU is a research lab for conducting social science research experiments. The lab was founded in the Fall of 2011.

If you are a student on SMU's campus, you are invited to sign up to participate in experiments. Experiments typically last 1-2 hours and you will earn money for your participation. More information can be found on the Registration page. If you have any questions about participating, please send them to lree@smu.edu.

Experiments are conducted in Heroy Hall Room 129. Heroy Hall is behind Dallas Hall. The easiest way to find the lab is to enter Heroy from the entrance which faces the Law School across the parking lot directly behind Dallas Hall. Turn down the first hallway to your left and the lab will be the first doorway on the right side of that hall.
Affiliated Faculty

 Tim Salmon, Department of Economics. Lab Director
 Danila Serra, Department of Economics.